Timber Treatment For Woodworm


Physical method - The physical method is a liquid spray applied to the wood, rather than a fine chemical spray.

Fogging method With this approach, a small machine can be placed through an existing airbrick or under the ground floor and can be used in the loft areas. The machine travels through voids and gives out a fine chemical mist, hence the name (fogging machine). This is used when properties are either heavily furnished or carpeted, or when the flooring is tongue and grooved or tiled.

Dry/Rot/Wet Treatment

Dry rot

Dry Rot Exposure - We offer a unique service. In order for this company to provide a fair and accurate quote for dry rot works to be carried out, we need to know the full extent of the dry rot infestation. This is established by our operatives carrying out a dry rot exposure procedure, starting in the area indicated on the sketch plan. The dry rot exposure procedure is carried out by removing wall plaster to a metre beyond the last visible signs of the dry rot fungi. In order to gain clear visible access to timbers, it may be necessary to remove some architrave, skirting boards and parts of the ceiling and floor boarding. This is charged at a small daily rate. Once the procedure has been carried out, customers are welcome to receive alternative quotations, as they are under no obligation to instruct us to carry out necessary repairs.

Wet rot

Condensation - We supply and fit black hole ventilators, which require no electricity to run.

We also undertake sub-floor ventilation, plumbing and associated works, and building and associated works.

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